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SMM - Social Media Management strategy

Social media marketing plays a prominent role in building a brand. We help you in analyzing your social media audience and develop a strategy tailored fit to your brand needs. Furthermore, we create and administer lucrative content for your social media profiles to dramatically increase your web traffic for lead generation. We channelize our efforts into drawing our organic and inorganic engagement from your social media handles. Finally, We set benchmarks to monitor your social media performance and evaluate ROI for cost-effective budgeting.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO)  is the technique of optimizing web pages and it’s content written on your website for easy visibility on any search engine (especially on google). As Google uses search engine indexing software “crawler” to provide the most relevant information to your search, optimizing it helps your website to be on top. We help you by selecting the right set of keywords for your content throughout your website and social media platforms. As it may be, the most significant part of SEO management is how a brand can leverage crawler to drive more traffic to their platform and we help you in achieving the right SEO score for organic visibility and awareness. Making your platforms’ content search engine friendly and help you become the leading result, is a vital part of SEO management, and as your digital partner, we provide the best possible solution to achieve it. 


ORM - Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is all about monitoring and improving your brand’s image online. It is a method that helps in displaying the best face of your brand to the public. We help you by supervising every detail and response your brand gets and maintain the required hygiene across all platforms. We help by transforming brands’ thought processes from “log kya sochenge” to “Waah! kya brand hai”. We help in maintaining the brand’s reputation from negative exposure online because, as much as the online presence is important, the quality of it is important too.


PPC - Pay-Per-Click Services (Google Ads)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of monitoring and managing PPC ads for a brand. It is one of the best ways to target your relevant audience. PPC ads work in a bidding mechanism, and your choice of keywords decides the kind of ROI you generate from the advertisement. When someone searches for a product or service relevant to your industry, google scans through its database and displays the most relevant ads on the respective search. We provide a customized PPC campaign to increase conversation and revenue generation for your brand and get the most out of your advertisement.


Website Designing

Website designing is a service that helps in creating the overall look and feel of a brand’s website. It is a complete process of planning and developing your website from layout and structuring to color, font, and graphics. It depicts the image of your brand for your customers and emphasizes the experience you wish to deliver. We take your ideas and turn them into creative designs, and help drive more traffic on it. 


Creative strategy

Creative strategy is the method of curating strategic content for your brand, which helps in attracting an audience and helps in customer engagement. We gather an understanding of the nuance of your brand and develop relevant content according to your brand’s characteristics. The creative strategy helps you, in being ahead of your competition and creates a ripple effect among your customers which helps in brand recall. 


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