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Does Starbucks misspell names on purpose?

Someone prominently known Starbucks for naming the drinks. But on the contrary, a lot of times, the naming goes wrong; the menu is endless and cup sizes are uncanny.

Do they do this on purpose?

Let's dig for the truth

Baristas get the names wrong primarily because of their busy functioning. Perse, "When I have 40 people in line, if I took the time to ask every single person on line how to spell their name, it's going to get even longer," Lisa*, a barista in Dallas stated. So they resort to guessing.

Unfortunately, hashtag #StarbucksNameFail has over 28040 posts on Instagram. Now, if we assume that all these 28040 people have 200 followers each, it’s safe to say that 5.4 million people were exposed to the brand name “Starbucks” for free. And it is not even counting the customers who don’t use hashtags or use a different hashtag, such as #StarbucksName, #StarbucksNameGame.

If we take these people into consideration, the reach might be over 8 to 10 million.

That’s right, the coffee giant didn’t even have to spend a penny on ads to reach millions of people.

According to a new video from Super Deluxe, they all know exactly what they’re doing. To test the theory, that Starbucks's chronic misspellings are part of some far-reaching corporate conspiracy, they sent Super Deluxe employee Molly to five different locations. Her easy-to-spell name went through the Starbucks machine and came out four different ways (two Mollys, one Mali, one Molli, and one … Mommy).

Starbucks is actually misspelling names on purpose to trick customers into giving them free advertising. The more ridiculous the botched name is, the more likely consumers are to share a photo on social media. You’d think this would be negative publicity for the brand, but the video asserts that “that innocent scribble on the side of your pumpkin spice latte is tugging at the subconscious of your friends to go out and buy pumpkin spice lattes of their own.”


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