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Digital marketing tips we can learn from Emily in Paris.

Bonjour, les personnes…!

Wondering why I am greeting in French? Well, let's not beat around the bush and contemplate frenzy over French.

Netflix recently premiered the second season of “Emily in Paris” and fans went gaga over the series. The first season was aired during Lockdown when lives were mundane and this series offered a good getaway to paradise, the royalty, parisian glamor, etc. The series gained immense popularity and won hearts, but also encountered its fair share of criticism.

The series is all about Emily, a Social Media Marketing Executive who is transferred from America to Paris. In the pretext of bringing an American perspective to the table, Emily arrives, guns blazing, at the newly gained French marketing company.

What follows is a series of an enjoyable aura of marketing. Emily aced digital marketing, the show revolves around campaigns, collaborations, social media management, client relations and inspires us to think ingeniously.

Digital marketing tips we can learn from Emily in Paris.

Social Media Impact: Be it brand collaboration or customer engagement, it's vital to keep updating the social media handles. Today, we live in a digital era and days are gone when everything was broadcasted via news channels, etc. To avail the perks of the digital environment, we need to make a dialogue, encourage the audience to start conversation, share opinions, create thought-provoking content, talk about stereotypes and lgbtq.

Create buzz around the product: It is no longer enough to merely state facts about products. It is vital to give it a powerful voice and let them become a part of the production. Take the opportunity to showcase your product in the best ways possible. Engage with the audience, host fun activities, contests, challenges, campaigns that involve your audience.

Networking is significant: From interacting with clients to the audience, the show portrays the importance of meetings, business tours and what not. Brand collaborations, brand valuation and brand awareness are born from networking and it just makes revenue generation cakewalk. As the saying goes, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want”. From the conventional Barter system to an era of collaborations, we’ve witnessed a major learning and growth curve in the dimensions of Networking.

Real time engagement and personal touch: Right from the very first moment after stepping into Paris, Emily keeps sharing snippets with the Instagram audience. Within a course of time, her followers count increases tremendously. Here, we are bringing Influencer Marketing into the picture. This is definitely a key benefit to the success of your business. The followers get a sneak-peak into a transitioned path of Emily. The key is to keep it personal and real. Audience thoroughly enjoys her social media content. The fortunate incidents, goof-ups, etc paint a beautiful picture in the eyes of the audience. It is important to offer an authentic personal insight that is relatable, which makes it universal.

Content is everything: This series is a clear example of the success we can have with the right content strategy. Whether it’s your blog, social media channels, or even the website, your content reflects your brand personality. With that in mind, craft a voice that’s unique to your brand. Finding that sweet spot between the user intent and your brand offerings and then aligning the content accordingly is the key to success. Content has the potential to sell your brand, create brand recall and generate a great user experience. So make sure you are optimizing your content to suit your agenda.

Emily sure has done a fabulous job, taking the opportunity of working the french wing of her company and turning that into professional success. Even in the face of adversity, she can keep calm and offer a workaround. What shines through is her passion for her work.

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